Blue Moon

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One of a kind, hand crafted. The stone has 8.0 carat weight, The earrings are embellished with a handmade sterling silver fine wire, a finish touch of aquamarine small beads

These Larimar Earrings, you will be wearing have precious gems, aquamarine bead that look even more stunning when place on your soft ears.

the  earrings are hand crafted with Sterling silver since, Silver is known as the pillar to any gem as it’s used to coat and frame.

Larimar Stone is said to bear the healing powers of the Atlantis as it can only be found in the former location of the lost city – the Caribbean Sea in the Dominican Republic.

Its coloration varies from white, light-blue, green-blue to deep blue. Larimar was officially discovered and named in 1974.

Larimar is a “Stone for Earth healing”. It represents peace and clarity.



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